Why Choose Us?

Sell for More
  • No Selling fees

  • Every phone is checked using CheckMEND®

  • We use PayPal® for safe payments, so you receive your money before you’ve even shipped your phone.

People Powered
  • There’s no middleman with PhoneKick, so users discuss directly to save time and receive the best possible value

  • Forget time wasters– take advantage of PhoneKick’s niche network of users that are already in the market to buy a pre-owned smartphone.

  • Check our FAQ section for the important points, or contact the PhoneKick team if you have any other queries.

Privacy & Protection
  • PhoneKick only displays the seller’s city location on the advert. Personal details are hidden.

  • PayPal® secures all payments with extensive buyer and seller protection features.

  • Sellers must ship their device within 2 business days of receiving payment.